A Modern Marvel: Nature Meets Fine Dining in this Offbeat Pakistani Wedding

With an offbeat and modern twist, this non-traditional Pakistani celebration was a breathtaking fusion of culture, creativity, and love. The stage was set under the enchanting canopy of Japanese maple trees, where every element came together to create an intimate and unforgettable afternoon.

The serene beauty of Hakone Gardens provided the perfect backdrop for this offbeat and modern affair, where guests were transported to a world of enchantment and charm. Every aspect of this wedding was thoughtfully curated, reflecting the couple’s love for simplicity and sentimentality. The bride, adorned in a colorful Pakistani dress with red, gold, silver, and rose gold embroidery, paid homage to tradition by borrowing jewelry from her mother. These meaningful touches added a touch of nostalgia and made the day even more special.

Project Fleur, the genius behind the floral arrangements, created a stunning display of bold blooms that set the stage for an enchanting afternoon. The vibrancy of the flowers perfectly complemented the lush surroundings, adding an extra touch of magic to the celebration.

Dining at this wedding was nothing short of extraordinary. Michelin-star cuisine took center stage, providing an elegant, lavish, and grand experience for all the guests. The delectable dishes elevated the celebration to new heights, leaving everyone in awe of the culinary excellence on display.

With a team of industry talents coming together, magic was in the air at Hakone Gardens and The Plumed Horse. Their collective expertise and creativity were evident in every detail, from the setting to the decor, ensuring this wedding would be etched in the couple’s hearts forever.

For couples seeking inspiration beyond the ordinary, this day offers a glimpse into a wedding that redefines traditional norms. With a fusion of nature’s beauty, fine dining delights, and a touch of creative brilliance, this wedding is the perfect fit for those who dare to dream differently.

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Florist @projectfleur⁠
Ceremony @hakonegardens⁠
Reception @the_plumedhorse ⁠
Photographer @agirlandacamera⁠
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