5 Tips for Having Your Pet in Your Wedding

So you found the person you want to spend and live life with – your pet, obviously! Well here are some tips you should keep in mind when planning your special day.

  1. Check to see if your venue is pet-friendly.

This might make or break your decision to include your pet in your wedding or it might have you take a second look at your venue options. Either way, it is important to make sure all is good and check out with your venue rep!

  1. Make sure to have someone in charge of handling your pet.

Does your pet need someone to take them to your hotel room or back home after the ceremony? Whether it be family, friends, or a pet sitter, make sure you have someone assigned to taking care of your pet the entire day. You’ll be busy with the festivities so having a dedicated person to feed your pet and make sure they are on time for ceremony, make it to pictures, and back safe at the end of the night. 

  1. Ensure your guests are comfortable around your pet.

The last thing you want is someone sneezing throughout your wedding vows! Notify your guests in advance on your invitations or wedding website if your pet will be in attendance. That way they can come prepared with allergy medicine!

  1. Let your photographer know if you plan to include your pet in your pictures.

Your photographers do best when they can prepare in advance for your day, so let them know if you plan on taking pictures with your pet. That way, they can build it into their schedule.

  1. Consider having a Pet Daycare! 

This is for the couple whose lives are centered around animals! If you have multiple pets and/or your family and friends are the type to include their pets in every event, think about having a pet daycare at your wedding! You can hire someone to ensure that all the pets are fed, have water readily available, get their bathroom breaks and opportunities to play with guests. A pet daycare area would definitely make your wedding one of a kind!

-Belle Events & Co